As a mother trying to build Zion in my home and in my corner of the Universe I have encountered many of the same problems you have.  Like you, I work hard to obey God and serve my family.

A couple of years ago Julie Beck, the General President of the Relief Society organization gave a talk entitled "Mothers Who Know." Sister Beck outlines that mothers who know: bear children, honor sacred ordinances and covenants, are nurturers, leaders, teachers, do less and stand strong and immovable.  I have pondered this talk deeply and have tried hard to apply these principles since then.

The germination for the part about "being" means more to me than simply doing the things that Sister Beck describes. Being is a verb in the present tense.  The scriptures teach us that God is a "living God." (Matt 16:16, Alma 7:6, D&C 20:19) We are to present our bodies as a "living" (not a dead or self-martyred) sacrifice. (Romans 12:1) When the angels came to the Garden Tomb and addressed the women they said, "Why seek ye the living among the dead?" (Luke 24:5)

I have come to realize that I am not always living in the present tense.  Sometimes I am fretting about the past or I may be dreaming about the future.  Perhaps I am neglecting my gift of mortality for I am not living for today.  This means I choose to be happy in this moment.  I choose to cherish my moments in mortality that will be over, "in a twinkling of an eye." I want to enjoy each moment that I have in the present tense, not as a distant memory or a dream of the future.

This blog is about my journey of BEING a Mother who Knows.  I hope my journey will bless yours.


Becky said...

I love your "face lift". This new blog is a marvelous source of truth and resources that help to inspire me in my roles of wife, mother, and daughter of God.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and journey. Thank you for making it all so accessible. Thank you for being an example of a mother who knows.

jgreenman said...

Deanna, I am going to visit this blog often. Thank you for your great effort to expand mothers who know!

Donna said...

I too, love what you have done.

Donna said...

You have a very beautiful blog. I dropped by for the first time today and I think I will be back often, particularly as I am a Sister Beck Mother who knows fan myself.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world.