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Welcome to Being a Mother Who Knows.  I am Deanna, a thirty-eight year old wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.

I am madly in love with my eternal companion Mr. Patriot.  We have currently been married for 16 years.  Mr. Patriot, is a successful small business owner who enjoys family history and reading about freedom and liberty.  Liberty is our oldest and only girl at age fifteen.  At age thirteen our oldest son is also known as Determination.  Imagination is our middle boy at age twelve.  Our youngest son is Leader, he is eleven.

We enjoy traveling through out the United States learning our nation's history and culture.  We have been coast to coast several times.  My favorite stop as been Boston!  We also enjoy curling up on the couch to enjoy a great read together or listening to a book in the car while we travel.

Our children were in public school in their very early elementary years, then home educated  for seven years and are currently re-enrolled in public school.  We believe in life long learning and have each sought to continually learn and grow.  Bring on those classic books!

We own 80 acres of farmland which we are currently clearing and working on.  We recently finished building a new home on this spot of heaven on earth.  We are learning everyday to work hard and claim God's blessings.

As far as my individual interests go they are firstly my wonderful family.  I am also a passionate reader.  I enjoy stillness, peace, nature, rain, laughter and hard work.  I hope that my journey about "being" will help you in yours.

If you have any comments or specific questions that you would like to ask me you may email me at: