Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family Goal Setting

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I thought I would share a little ritual our family engages in every morning. Each morning, before we read family scriptures and practice our weekly scripture memorization, we review our weekly goals.

On Monday morning each family member sets from 1 to 3 goals. These goals are of the individuals own choosing. Goals set this week included:

• Read one chapter in Robinson Crusoe

• Practice the piano every day for 30 minutes

• Work on 4 and 5 multiplication tables

• Schedule swimming lessons

• Order more campaign banners

Sometimes we have to guide some one on a goal. We might ask them to be more specific. Then each day we review the goals with them. They don't have to report on their progress we just read and remind. At the end of the week we tally up how many goals were completed. Then we add that many beans to our bean counter jar. (Recipe ingredient from Thomas Jefferson Education). When our bean jar is full we will do a "wholesome family activity."

We find that this creates unity as each family member is encouraging each other’s progress. If someone struggled to obtain a goal we work with them on how to set a more realistic goal for the next week. We only accomplish about 2/3 of our goals in a week. But we each continue to work on and improve. We aren't interested in perfection only progression.

I also wanted to add that I know that "goal setting" is typically considered a scholar (or older youth/adult) activity. However each person pursues goals based on their phase (or grade/age). We use phases in our family. Leader, who is still solidly in core (with no intention of leaving anytime soon!), sets goals like: brush my teeth at night, take a bath every night, do my jobs without whining, etc. His goals are very much "core phase" goals. Determination and Imagination's are directed towards love of learning goals. Liberty makes scholar goals; read 100 pages in 1776, write an essay about Dolly Madison, answer questions from my mentor about Plutarch, etc. Mine revolve around Mentored Scholar/Depth. And finally Mr. Patriot's revolve around Mission phase; read incumbents voting record on public education and the economy, create an 'issues page' for campaign website, practice speech, reread Proper Role of Government, etc.

We have been successfully engaging in goal setting as a family since January and have found that it is a worthwhile part of our family time.

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