Monday, June 21, 2010

FHE Redo Idea

This week I have been  preparing a "station" for Primary Activity Days about Jonah and the whale.  I've been reading the book of Jonah over and over thinking about what message I wanted to share and how to convey it. 

The thought came to me that Jonah did a "redo."  He was asked to do something, he did it wrong, he went in time out for three days, and then he decided to redo and obey what God had asked him to do.  I also noted that God didn't berate him for his bad choice but he had him redo what he had asked him. That of course is an overly simplistic version .  I hope no one is offended that I said he went in time-out by the way.

I was just thinking that if you wanted to implement the redo in your family that you could first teach a Family Home Evening lesson about Jonah and share how he had to do a redo (or try again, etc).  You could then go over your guidelines for redos and share that you will be implementing them from now on.  Ask them if they have any questions.  I would also do some role plays to help them visualize and practice them. 

If you already do the redo maybe sharing the story of Jonah could help them see some more application.

Anyway just some thoughts.

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Rebekah said...

Ooohhh! I do so like this idea! Guess what we will be doing for FHE next week! ;) Thanks for sharing and your new blog is beautiful.