Monday, July 5, 2010

Khan Academy

Kudos to my mom who recently told me about Khan Academy.  The site containes 1,400+ videos (more added regularly) on a variety of subjects.  The videos are short, 15-18 minutes, explaining multiple subjects including basic math, advanced math, economy, physicals and chemistry. I appreciate that the videos are short, concise and free. Sal Khan has an interesting story.  This slow laptop created problems downloading a couple of videos explaining is story.  They are available on the website.

We watched a basic math video and a history video and found them informative.  I think they have the potential to be a great supplement in home education.  I have not viewed all the videos obviously so preview with care.  I noticed some questionable videos on the biology section that  you may want to pass on.

This won't be beneficial for everyone.  I am a visual learner and so this proves to be helpful for me.  It is very much a "lecture" style like in TJEd and so should be used minimally.  I see it beneficial in explaining advanced math and math based sciences.  I think that it will be helpful to me also as I work on my own scholar/depth phase in math as I lack a mentor in those fields.

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Whole Food for the Whole Family said...

Wow! This is a great find! Thanks for sharing!