Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Friend

Isn't there a TJED ingredient that is called, "The Friend?" I should take the time to look it up, but I won't.  It seems like there is an ingredient for every thing.  If there's not (I really am sure there is) I'm going to make it up.

Ingredient #58962: The Friend.  All moms need a buddy.  A friend to sound off ideas with.  A friend who will call you on the carpet when your wrong.  A friend who will tell you "they're going to turn out fine."  A friend who has a great husband too that your husband can hang out with their husband so you can talk even more with your friend.  This friend also has children with compatible ages for your children so they can hang out with good youth and be an influence for good too.  A nice bonus would also be that they walk in parades with you all summer and support your family while they campaign.

Yeah, I have one of those.  She's great.

They're the type of friends that come over at 9:30 at night at stay for 3 hours, or call before normal people are up just because.  They're the type of friends that when you come home they're taking a shower at your house before they rush off to some where else. When you come home their four year old waves to you from your back yard while he's petting your dog and welcomes you home.  You know your friends been there when your library books are spread all over the house too. They feel comfortable doing that.  That's good. Because of course you've been at their house when their not home using their house for other needed purposes too. 

It would be nice if we lived in the same towns I suppose.  But I would think we'd never get anything done though.  We'd never sleep. 

A friend is there to have a great discussion with.  Just the other night we discussed society and it's traps, Fahrenheit 451,  Charlotte Mason, A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Galaxy, discussing the classes we were each going to teach each other's older kids this fall together, wearing skirts, femininity, Celestial Education video, wondering when Misfit Cygnet was going to inspire us with another great post, habit formation in our children, waking up early, etc. etc.

While your discussing with your friend you know your husband and his friend are talking about campaign strategy, current events, Homer, Shakespeare, their wives getting up early, teaching their sons how to respect women, teaching their sons to work hard, etc. etc.

Of course while you and your husband are discussing things your kids are off playing.  You know the boys are making forts and leading an intelligence mission as English spies.  The girls are discussing femininity, wearings skirts, talking about the skirts that they made, and the books they've read.

It is nice to have a great friend.  I hope you have one too!


Jenp8 said...

You're right! The Friend should be an essential ingredient. It is a priceless gift (and so helpful) to have a like-minded friend that you can share insights with, get feedback from and pull each other along on the journey. I do consider you a friend too - even though we live far away and don't have family members that converse with each other. :)

crazy4boys said...

My "Friend" just moved to Las Vegas. I mostly have internet Friends since we are the only LDS homeschoolers in the area and the only "weird" ones too!!!!