Monday, August 9, 2010

My Compass

Here is my compass with some thoughts.  I added a "goals with my stewardships" category to my list.  And if I actually post this I'll have to do them.  You'll hold me accountable now....

Core Goals
  1. Get up at 5 AM.  The last two months I stopped getting up that early and my production has definetly been lower since then.
  2. Go on a 30 minute walk every day.  Charlotte Mason says in book 5 a young women should go on a  "2-3 hour vigorous walk daily."  Since I'm not young I'll try for 30 minutes.  I'm getting older.  I need to exercise.  I control my weight by not over eating.
Books to Read
  1. Finish books 5 and 6 in Charlotte Mason.
  2. Finish the Old Testament
  3. Finish my rereading of Jesus the Christ
  4. Read the Aeneid (I'm skipping Plato and Aristotle in my Great Books list even though I'm reading chornicalogically).
  5. Read 5 young adult classics- from DeMille's list, (perhaps Olivier Twist, David Copperfield, Ben Hur...we'll see?)
Piano Goals
  1. Do a composer study with piano teacher.
  2. Continue piano lessons.
  3. Learn the musical movements of history and how how to identify them.
Goals with my Stewardships
  1. Continue visiting my newly assigned widowed Visiting Teaching sister several times a week.
  2. Continue focusing on teaching my children deep cleaning skills.
  3. Go through all clothes to check for modesty.
  4. Help children with their goals, especially journal writing.
  5. Continue to support husband in his campaign goals.
  1. Kings and Queens of England (I have 1/2 of them memorized)
  2. Declaration of Independece
  3. Relearn states and capitals with Determination
  4. Perodic Table with Determination
Skills Classes
  1. Take Pyramid Project (math and science) with oldest two.
  2. Continue piano lessons.
To Learn
  1. Anything I can!


Celeste B. said...

Nice list! Thanks for sharing your Compass.

Kendra said...

Great list! I think i will make one for myself1

Rebecca said...

It looks very good.

Hey I was hoping you could tell me how to get a copy of HCK's letter to his children. I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it a bit ago but haven't been able to find it.

Being A Mother Who Knows said...

Hi Rebecca,

I googled it but I didn't find it. The reason our family has it is because it has been passed down through the generations. We have a copy of it as it appeared in the newspaper shortly before he died. I will try to get a copy of it the next time I go to town. That won't be for a couple of weeks. Please remind me!

: ) Deanna