Sunday, August 15, 2010

Needs and Wants

My mom is one of my hero's.  Right now she is just coming into remission from battling cancer.  She has had to go through some horrific things the last year, but she is winning the battle.  She still has 1 1/2 years of nasty chemo therapy left, but she is home. 

The other day she was out walking, (she's always out walking), and she stopped and talked to my children.  Liberty knew that this was my mom's bad week because of the chemo therapy and that she did not feel well.  So Liberty asked her how she was doing and how she had it in her to be out walking.  She said, "I don't want to go on a walk, but I need to go on a walk."  That really effected Liberty and the two of us talked about it a lot. 

So I've been thinking about my hero mom.  How many times do I excuse myself out of things because I don't want to do something even though I need to?  The scripture talk a lot about how we can have our needs and our wants.  I tend to focus on the want part a lot.  Perhaps I need to focus more on the needs part of it.  
  • I need to get up early in the morning to start my day off right and to obey the commandment to "early to bed and early to rise" even though I'd rather stay in my warm bed.
  • I need to walk so that I can have more energy and a strong body even though I'd rather not.
  • I need to play games and do family time with my children at night so we can bond and enjoying some "light-heartedness" before bed even though I am fried and just want to read a book and go to bed.
  • I need to weed my garden so that our garden will grow strong even though I'd rather not go outside.  I need to quit rationalizing that just because the prophet only said to plant a garden that fact that we should weed, water and cultivate it was implied.
  • I need to eat better so I can have the Spirit with me more and so I can be healthy even though I would rather not and continue to partake of white flour products.  
That's enough of my sadly pathetic weaknesses. What my mom said has profoundly influenced me.  I feel another layer of empowerment to stop excusing myself out of things because I don't want to them but encouraged to do the right thing because I need too.


buzy bee said...

Ahhhhh Thanks for sharing the lesson from your mother. It is always something I need to work on. Looking at my weakness and my own justifications and then getting to work.

Thanks for the inspiring!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

This is a new take on wants and needs for me. I've always thought in terms of "acquiring" - Do I need this or do I just want this? - instead of doing. This will definitely give me much to think about as I go throughout my day doing various things. I see I will be asking myself the want vs. need question a whole lot more!

Being A Mother Who Knows said...

Chocolate: Yes, that is the same way I always looked at needs and wants. I am doing the same thing now also; evaluating my choices and actions.

Christy said...

This is an interesting take on "needs and wants." We've been thinking a lot about this at our home as well. What a great example your Mom was of doing those hard things, those things that we should do even when we don't feel like doing them.
Thanks for inspiring me once again!

Kassie said...

sorry to hear about your mom's cancer. My mom went through chemo last year and it was so hard. I can't imagine doing it for such a long time. Best wishes to her and your family.
Interesting twist on needs/wants. Your list could be mine and I feel like a real loser. Things to think about and work on....