Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where to begin?

Did you know that when I started blogging a couple of years ago I did so immediately after reading Elder Ballard's commencement speech at BYU-H I believe it was (maybe that's wrong?) that encouraged members of the church to blog and become part of the discussion.?  I didn't enjoy blogging at first, but I've since come to appreciate it.  Most importantly I have been able to be apart of the discussion and find others who are a part of the discussion.  I've learned a lot!  I appreciate being able to learn from others and find friends of like mind since home education is such a lonely path.

With that said I want to make sure every one knows that what I write on my blog are just my ideas and my experiences along my path of mortality.  Like other blogs I read, my blog's purpose is only to spark ideas so others may have others ideas to ponder on.  I often think of it as the pioneer women of long ago that would gather in quilting circles to talk, lift, and encourage each other along.

So once again my ideas  have been taken to another level.  I feel awakened again to more light and truth.  I feel even more peace.  I have written numerous blog posts over the last few days, but all of them were only for me I guess because I don't feel prompted to share them.  So what I will share are just some of the basic ideas that I have had poured out upon me.

Happy reading.


Karen said...

I have several unpublished posts like that lately. There are just some things that aren't for the world wide web I guess. I would love to hear your thoughts though. Maybe you could email me and share? I've had all sorts of introspective thoughts lately, it would be nice to have chat sometime.

Jenp8 said...

I'd love to get together too! I love hearing your thoughts (and Karen's too!)