Sunday, September 12, 2010

Being A Minimalist Packer

That is for our two week trip.  I am being a minimalist packer for our move too. Lara will be so proud of me. : )

We are going to be gone for a couple of weeks.  In the past we would pack and drag a lot of 'stuff' all over.  It was exhausting.  It takes the fun out of the trip to begin with.  So this packing trip we have downsized.  I figure if there is something urgent that I need there are Walmarts or Rite Aides everywhere right?

This trip we each packed a small suitcase that we will each take on the plane.  In the kid's suitcases there are:
  • 3 pair of pants
  • 4-5 shirts
  • underwear
  • socks
  • 1 pair of pj's
  • toothbrush
  • jacket
  • flip flops
  • swim suit (we are going to Virginia Beach for one of those weeks, right when Igor hits too)
They have a backpack each. In their back packs they have:
  • Scriptures
  • Journal
  • Sketchbook
  • Notebook
  • Math book
  • 1 chapter book
  • 2 pencils
We parents packed the same in our suitcases.  We also packed one backpack between the two of us that includes:
  • IPAD
  • Scriptures
  • Camera
  • Jane Eyre
  • Swiss Family Robinson (Read A Loud)
  • Presidents of the Church by Truman Madison on CD for long car rides
  • Dried Fruit
  • Passports
We are also checking in one garment bag that has our church suits, dresses, and church shoes. We also have a very small bathroom bag (that's inside the garmet bag) that has toothpaste, comb, brush, mascara, lipgloss and sunscreen.
In the past I would take 5 books because I was sure that I would read them. (NOT!)  I'd bring 5 books on tape.  I'd bring a medicine cabinet.  I'd bring enough food for several meals.  We'd bring 10 outfits each.  The list would just go on and on. 

We'll see how we do.  It is literally half of what we normally bring for the same length of trip.  I'm sure Lara would still bring less, but it's a good start for us. How do you travel light?

Look on our family blog for trip updates.  : )


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Swiss Family Robinson...gotta love that:

Awesome choice for your new adventure! :)

Just Lara said...

It looks like a good plan. Let us know how it goes and maybe next time you'll want to go REALLY minimalist. Anne has been teaching me how to do it and has written about it on her blog.

I've heard that most airlines now charge for every bag you check so I like the idea of everyone having one backpack and that's it. Imagine how free you would feel to grab one bag and go!

I can't wait to go somewhere so we can try it out. I haven't collected all the clothes we'll need but we don't have any trips planned so I have time to work on it slowly and find things on sale and at thrift stores.

Misty said...

It sounds like you are going to have a better trip, because you won't be worried about losing all the "extra necessities" that we all usually bring on these adventures.

My friend, Mariama, survived for a week in the jungle with a group of people on one LDS Humanitarian hygiene kit and a blanket. It's amazing how little we REALLY need, isn't it?

How freeing! Have a great trip!

Just Lara said...

Misty, wow! You should have seen us on our last 5 day, 4 hour away, trip to civilization. It was embarrassing and we are never doing that again.

Tricia said...

You're going to be frolicking in my backyard! It's a great time of year for D.C. We went to Virginia Beach last weekend and had the most perfect beach day ever. Have fun!