Friday, December 10, 2010

Music in the Home

I was able to attend the World Wide Training for the new church handbooks in November.  It was a great meeting and I have LOVED reading the handbook. I've read it several times.  It has so many wonderful things in it that have blessed our family already as well as clarified some things.

I won't quote anything from the handbook, but the church as put the whole handbook on line for everyone to read.  Here is the main link for Book 2.

One section that I've found particularly useful is the "Music in the Home" section located in the music section.  Here is the link for this particular section.

Since reading this section we have made music a more active part of our home.  We sing a hymn before families prayers twice a day.  We have done this in the past, but it never stuck.  We have made it a priority now. 

I've also tried to implement more singing in the car together when we are driving.  Since we aren't listening to the radio, rarely CD's, and movies there can be a lot of dead air time.  We read a lot and look out the car window a lot.  (It takes us 45 minutes to go grocery shopping and that's driving through sagebrush the whole time).  The kids like to see how fast they can sing the Books of Scripture songs that are found in the primary book.  We learned them last year and they still sing them all the time.

We've added back into our morning routine singing time.  Why is it that I'm always going in cycles with things?  We've been singing a lot of Christmas hymns and Children's Christmas music this month.  We have learned a lot of regular hymns too.  They have really enjoyed learning, "Carry On."

What I find that is interesting is that when my children are playing they are singing hymns.  I often discover them humming hymns too.  The radio has never been apart of their lives nor has popular music infiltrated their heads so they've never had those songs stuck in their minds. Now though they have had so much more expose to hymns and that is what they have swirling around in their grey matter and in their souls. 

It is such a blessing to hear their sweet spirits sing the songs of Zion more regularly now.

Also it talks about parents encouraging their children to learn musical skills to help in church.  I've mentioned in a post tonight that we dropped out of formal piano lessons.  However, we still play the piano a lot.  I have taught piano lessons in the past and so I've become their music teacher.  They continue to progress in the piano, musical theory and conducting.  We just have elected to forgo the rigors of regular practice times and lessons for the sake of other things.  It has been interesting to note though that two of the children continue to regularly practice the piano on their own.  They seem to delight in it more now that the formal rigors have been removed.  Liberty can play many of the primary songs as well as many of the simplified hymns.  I have always taught them, and they have understood, that one of their duties in the church is to learn the piano and music conducting so they will be able to serve in the church.  I am confidant that they will remain motivated.

I love beautiful music.  Music has the capacity to touch the soul in a marvelous way.  We are truly blessed to have our hymns.  I am even more committed to instilling within my children a deep knowledge of the great hymns.


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Yay! You kept the piano! That's what our children do too - I am their piano teacher. Already the older girls have had to fill in last minute to play for stake youth meetings, etc. I keep trying to tell the bishop (my husband) that the youth need to be called to play NOW for Sacrament Meeting while they are young and the congregation won't be as hard on them when they make mistakes. :D It's how I learned!

Deanna Householder said...

It is so good to be back on your blog again and read and learn from your experiences! I wish we were neighbors! I love hearing my 7 year-old boy sing the Primary Songs, the National Anthem, Feliz Navidad! I sing myself and I'm the choir director. Thanks for reminding me what the focus should be of teaching my children about music - to serve! I love it! Music is so powerful and is such a wonderful way to serve!

crazy4boys said...

Thank you for the gentle reminder. I'll need to read that section. Sometimes I get so "crazy" from all the noise in my home already that I don't want to add more sounds, so I don't turn on the music. But when I do, they calm down and are quieter. In the midst of the chaos, I forget that.

We, too, are working on learning more hymns and songs from the Children's Hymn book. It's been a lot of fun. And piano lessons are slowly coming along. I need to figure out how to teach myself now. I can't believe I'm so old and can't play the piano!!!

Rebekah said...

So glad to read some of your thoughts and experiences again. I've often though about you and wondered what you were up to (great things I was sure). You have inspired me to read Jane Eyre and it was great! Thanks for your note on my blog and although it's been in the -20's to -30's lately we've been blessed to stay warm! Sounds like you and your family have been up to some great things. Inspiring.

Kassie said...

Nice to 'hear' from you again. I have wondered how the election turned out. I'm sorry you went through the mudbath and Mr. Patriot didn't win, but I admire you all for being willing to even throw your hat in the ring. It's wonderful to read how things are going in your little house and with the simplifying you have done. It always inspires me. Merry Christmas!

Celeste B. said...

I find my children humming, singing, or whistling hymns throughout the day as well. It always makes me smile and feel so blessed that they are thinking them in their head without me! LOL!

I'll have to brush up on that section of the handbook. I've been studying it trying to make sure I understand it, but I think I've only focused on specific sections.

Kimberly said...

I hated learning the piano growing up, but I wish I had learned better now that I have my own family. Some of my favorite memories of my family growing up were all of us gathered around the piano singing with my mom.

It was hard getting my husband to sing 2 full hymns for FHE (opening and closing) but now we both love that part the best about FHE.

I'm glad the handbook is online, I'm not a leader so I don't have a hard copy but I've been hearing good things. Thanks for sharing the link!