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Susanna Wesley

Susanna Wesley (Women of Faith)Susanna Wesley by Kathy McReynolds

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Studying the lives of the great reformers of Christianity is paramount. Included in these biographical sketches we need to include the lives of the great women who nurtured these great men as mothers and wives. In their steadfast faith we can find example in how to raise our own hero generation.

I have long wanted to read a biography about the great Susanna Wesley. I was happy with the book by Kathy McReynolds. I had done some research into the biographies of Susanna and many of them focused on her being dominated by men and other worldly trumped up interpretations instead of narrowing in on the very hope of her life-her faith in Jesus Christ and her dedication to her family.

Susanna Wesley was born in England in 1669; the 25th child in the family. She was the mother of John and Charles Wesley who were later dubbed the founders of Methodism. Charles Wesley’s hymns have found their way to all Christian hymnals. Some of his more famous hymns include, “Rejoice, the Lord is King!,” “Jesus, Lover of My Soul,” and “Hark the Herald Angles Sing.”

Susanna was fiercely dedicated to Christ and the Bible. She was extremely well read and self-taught that was encouraged at an early age by her famous father. She left behind a large legacy of letters and writings that continue to impact people today. As her children grew and attained adulthood she continued to teach them through letters. She bore her testimony constantly. The object of all her letters was to make sure they were living by the Bible.

She gave birth to 19 children in 21 years. She outlived two of her adult children. Ten of her children died young, one of which it believed to have been killed by persecutors. They lost their home to fire twice; one of the fires was believed to be intentionally started. Their fields were also set on fire, their cattle stabbed and their dog’s leg was brutally cut. The persecutors “shouted out obscenities to them and fired their guns in front of their home during all hours of the night.” All of this occurring while her husband sat in prison.

She was revered by her husband and her sons spoke highly of her. She also understood her role as wife and mother and was devoted to them.

Susanna is also famously known because she homeschooled all of her children. Her tenants and practices on child rearing are well known. She expected strict discipline out of her children but also smothered them with love.

Susanna Wesley is a woman worthy of emulation and study.

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