Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Regular Disclaimer

Dear Fellow Readers,

It is that time again when I need to give my regular disclaimer. Usually I just throw it in as part of a blog post, but today I thought I would let it enjoy its very own topic.

It seems every once in a while I get a new round of blog readers that get a little nervous about what I write. I appreciate all my readers. You add much insight into my life! I hope that this helps answer some emails and blog comment questions! Keep asking and eventually I will check my inbox and get back to you. : )

I love to learn and seek knowledge. I love ideas. I love seeking truth. Sometimes when I discover some kernel of truth or some interesting idea I will write a blog post about it. I share only a fraction of my big grand ideas with the public. Most I keep hidden in my heart and discuss them with my husband and my dearest friends.

As I said sometimes I throw out my ideas in a blog post. Sometimes these things come in the form of writings by modern prophets, living and dead. Sometimes I comment on those thoughts and other times I just copy them straight out of the book and let you discover what you will from those writings.

The reason I write is to share the things I learn. I desire everyone to seek their own revelation. I don't believe that as we untangle ourselves out of the web of Babylon that we will be untangled the same way. We must learn line upon line and precept upon precept. Although the untangling power can only come through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Therefore I share things that may help you receive an "a-ha" that you can use on your journey "home." How we apply will be completely different from one person to the next. What is helpful in one family is not always helpful in another family.

A comment was made by a reader that I may be "looking beyond the mark." This is an interesting comment that of course deserves introspection. What does that reference really mean? The Book of Mormon prophet Jacob teaches us that the Jews "despised the words of plainness and killed the prophets, and sought for things that could not understand." Through this and their blindness which "came by looking beyond the mark" they fell. I believe this reference was also used by a Seventy in a talk several years ago were he likened it to "gospel hobbies." I don't remember for sure because I don't have the internet and can't look it up. So the question is, "Am I looking beyond the mark?" The answer to both is the same, no. What am I looking to? Jesus Christ. My goal each morning is to center my life on the "living Christ" and to submit to Him and His will to me. I rejoice in the words of plainness and in the prophet's words. When the prophet very clearly states something I take it for truth. It would seem to be that looking beyond the mark would mean finding a different meaning than, "if the Saints would know the will of the Lord they would stop eating swine's flesh." What about it being a gospel hobby? Hopefully the examples and explanation below will help.

Why do I wear a skirt? It helps me remember my role as matriarch. It helps me to feel the Spirit more. I do it because I notice a change in my heart. Not because I think I have too. Not because I think anyone else should either. In my own personal life it is a way that I can "raise the bar" and stay more focused on my role. I shared my experiences only to help others glean ideas for their own personal life. I also only shared quotes from 100 years ago from church leaders because they were pleading about modesty (and Sister Beck said to study the history). The quotes caused me to ask hard questions and I received personal revelation. Modern prophets have stated what the standard is for today, but what can I learn about that standard now and before? Where is my heart?

The Word of Wisdom. As far as I know I have never commented on what our family eats and doesn't eat online and especially on my blog. I had one post where I shared thoughts from Brigham Young, a prophet, on what he had to say about food. I made only a brief comment on that post to the effect that I think that our habits with eating were just as important as what we ate. So if any of that was extreme then Brigham Young was extreme because I only quoted him. Again, he was very plain. I didn't dispise his words of plainness or reject his message in my heart.

As far as what I wear and what are family eats I would say that it is not a gospel hobby. I think I spend less time thinking about what I wear and what food I eat/prepare than any other women I know. I absolutely do not think about food during the day. I pray in the morning about what I should fix and whatever I feel impressed to do I make the necessary preparations and no other thought goes into it. For public record we do eat meat, but not very much.

I deeply appreciate these thought provoking questions that cause me to reflect and strive to keep myself firmly centered in my Savior Jesus Christ, and seeking Him as my Living Center.

To summarize I seek to share my ideas that may or may not help you in your journey of being a mother who knows. However with Christ, the Spirit and the Sisterhood we share on our blogs hopefully we will each be propelling forward, onward and upward to our Heavenly Home.

Love always my friends,



Strong Man said...

No need to apologize. You have the courage to follow the scriptures and the teachings of the prophets. From what I can see, you're trying to "Choose the Right, and let the consequence follow."

God would want you to "do many good things of your own free will and choice."

Keep it up! Don't worry about the riff-raff who may not agree with you.

Ranee said...

What I like most about your blog, is that it is thought provoking for me. As I think about the things you share with us, I am able to ponder new ideas and pray about them! I enjoy learning from what you share with us and I especially enjoy learning from your example and your courage and faith! Blessings to you and yours in all of your endeavors!

~Ranee :0)

The Lazy Organizer said...

"Looking beyond the mark," is a comment I often get and have wondered at. Our "mark" is the Savior and perfection. I'm not sure how it's possible to look beyond that but it is possible to look away from that. It takes a lot of steps to reach the Savior and we can make an idol of each one. It might look like that is what we are doing to the outside world but they are deceived into thinking that "Looking beyond the mark" means we shouldn't try TOO hard or be TOO righteous. Or dress TOO modestly. It just isn't so.