Thursday, April 14, 2011

LDS Resources

Mr. Patriot, Leader (age 8) and I took an unexpected trip back east again this past week.  Mr. Patriot's grandfather died, but he lived to the age of 86 and had a full life.  It was a fast trip and it  involved a lot of driving.  Usually we fly, but this time we drove.  We were gone six nights and three of those nights were spent in the car driving.  Not so fun. 

We were able to enjoy some Church History stops along the way.  Some we could not see due to time restraints and the fact that it was two AM when we were driving by some of them.

Here we are at the Sacred Grove for the second time in six weeks.  I love this place... (Leader apparently was smiling silly).

We were also able to visit Kirtland; what another wonderful place.  I was especially impressed and blessed to stand in the small room above the Newel K. Whitney store where the "School of the Prophets" was held and section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants was revealed (among many other marvelous things).  Below is Thankful Pratt's, wife of Parley P. Pratt, headstone; one of the many courageous women of the Restoration.

I am so very grateful for all the historical sites that the church maintains.  Here is a list of them.  I have been able to see many of them.  I have always been blessed with an out pouring of the Spirit as I've visited these places.  I encourage you to make plans to see them in your lifetime!

I have also been enjoying the Mormon Channel.  There are so many thought-provoking interviews from church leaders.  There are also inspiring stories of many others.  I have also been enjoying the Relief Society History interviews. When I have a chance I'll download a couple that look interesting and then listen do them later during family work time.

As most of you know the church as a new version of a family favorite: Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration.  They have changed 40% of the movie to help reach a non-LDS audience.  You can learn about the changes to the film and other information in this news article.  The movie is available for download on the Mormon Channel and YouTube.  You can access it off of the news article or on this link. We were able to share this as part of a FHE lesson with a part-member family we had over a week and a half a go. They enjoyed it very much.  They had their first missionary discussion at our house last night one hour after we got home! I recommend this to you!

I am grateful for these resources that compliment my scripture study in increasing my faith and personal righteousness.

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