Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Daily Schedule

I like having a schedule.  I refuse to be a slave to it however.  I find it provides the structure and motivation I need to do the things that I need to do, but I still feel I can throw it out the door when life happens.  Our schedule is always a work in progress and continues to be adapted to meet our needs and phases.  We have been happily settled into this schedule for the last six or so months and have found great success with it.

We are currently entrenched in our 6 week "Annual Break" (see TJEd ingredient) and are not following our schedule rigidly right now.  We still do all the things listed, but we are much freer on our bed times and wake up times.  We are enjoying late night campfires, working outdoors including gardening, visiting family and friends, preparing for girls camp and working hard on our 4-H projects.  We plan to keep back into gear with our schedule August 1 as our summer projects will be done.  (There's always campaigning but that is our life now).

We are fortunate that Mr. Patriot is self-employed and has a flexible schedule.  He is able to be an active participate in our home education.  How blessed I am to have such a supportive man by my side!

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about other home educators schedules through the years because it gives me great ideas. No two schedules will ever be exactly the same though. Different personalities, learning styles, and dad's work schedule all require individual adaptation.   I hope something in our schedule will spark ideas for your life.

Our Schedule
Before 8:30 AM-All family members "deslob" for day, read scriptures, say prayers and write in journals
8:45-Family Scripture Study, Weekly Scripture Memorization, Review Goals and Family Prayer (Dad then leaves)
9:30-Family Work with children and myself alternating to practice the piano
11:30-Read a loud and any other mom school (kidschool) items I desire
12:30 PM-Eat Lunch
1:00-Free Time, Skills Classes offered
5:00-Prepare for dinner and clean up
6:30-Clean Up
7:00-Family Time
9:00-Family Prayers, individual reading and/or go to sleep

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Jenp8 said...

I love the term "deslob" :).