Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Skill Classes

I currently have two children who are in what we call the "love of learning" phase.  This means that in their free time they choose to spend a good part of it learning.  They love to pour over many non-fiction books learning about many different things.  They are like a butterfly that flits from flower to flower landing in the subject of whatever they desire.

In the last month these two boys, Determination (10) and Imagination (9), have asked me to teach them certain skills.  They are recognizing areas that they would like to acquire skills to perpetuate them down the path of further learning.

They each have made a list of the skills classes they want to take.  Some of their requests are cursive writing, advanced arithmetic, and creative writing.  They are excited to pursue these interests.  They have asked me repeatedly to teach them, solidifying to me that they have a strong desire and are committed to learn.

I have decided that when our annual break is over (August 1) that I will offer these skill classes to them during free time.  These short 30 minute classes will be offered a couple of times a week until they are satiated in that discipline.  They can then use the rest of their free time practicing their new skills.

This will work well because I am coming out of depth phase and heading into mission phase so I do not need as much time to study.  My burst of excitement is now directed not to wanting to read and study, but to teach and mentor others.

We were able to sneak in a creative writing class a couple of weeks ago and Imagination loved it.  He has since worked on making an outline for his story and adding creative and lively adverbs and adjectives to describe events and things.

I have enjoyed watching them progress to this point.  I love to see them "love to learn."


Karen said...

A creative writing class! What a great idea - I had never thought of it, but it sounds like something my children would love! I'm jealous that you are coming out if depth phase! I'll probably be in love of learning for a while yet. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

Misty said...

Another inspiring idea from a mother who knows!

A few years ago we did a class called "The Doctrinal Study of Faith." I chose a few General Conference talks on the subject and put it in a booklet for the children with questions and assignments for them to develop faith. It was a great success.

I had forgotten about it until I read your blog today. It has inspired me to put together another class like it.

Thanks, again!!

Celeste B. said...

I've seen lots of wonderful things come from a few well placed short lessons. Your ideas are great!

Some of our short lessons are in math right now. We are adding more accountability as well.

Being A Mother Who Knows said...

I think that is a great idea to add some assignments to the classes. In my mind I was thinking "teach, discuss and then you go practice." I think some specific assignments would be extremely beneficial. Then adding the "return and report" element as Celeste as mentioned.

Once again you all are filling me with lots of ideas.