Thursday, September 9, 2010

760 Sq. Feet

....That's the size of the ity bity house we are moving into in three very short weeks. Did I mention that we will be gone for two of those weeks on vacation? Maybe I should start at the beginning.

For years we have been trying to sell our house. We haven't tried really hard, but it has been on the market for six years. Last year we bought 80 beautiful acres of land so that we could build our inheritance house and have room to be self-sufficient from the cares of the world. Now that we have our land we have really wanted to sell our house so we can get going on this beautiful plan.

So Monday night out of the blue we were able to sell it. It was sudden and it was a surprise. Imagination and I cried. We've lived here for almost 10 years. This is the only house my kids have ever know. We didn't sleep much. We weren't so much sad as we were nostalgic. We all know it's what we are suppose to do. We all know it's time to move forward. Imagination's goal this week is to not cry.

So after finding we had sold our house we needed to find a rental quick. We live in a little town of 400 people. There's not a lot of rentals. Pretty much ZERO. And if there is one you really do want to run away fast, because they are nasty. However, the Lord loves us and had a plan all ready prepared. All 760 sq feet of it that is. Across the street from our land sits a charming (not really) old house. Every time I have worked at our land I saw it sitting vacant and the thought always came, "When you sell your house you need to move in there." The whole time however every one in town thought the bank owned it. So we check on it. NEGATIVE the bank does not own it. Mr. Patriot is a pro at whipping up deals. He bargained with the lady. (Our family will do well when we go back to the barter system). There is work to be done on the house. (Surprise!) We agreed to put in all new flooring and make it livable for renters. We've spent $950 so far with $250-600 more to go. What's our rent for our 10 month lease? Priceless. That's right free rent.

It looks like some where between October 1 and 10 is our move in date. That's not a lot of time when we'll be out of town for the last two weeks of this month. AND Mr. Patriot is staging a massive campaign against an incumbent for November 2. (That's going VERY well by the way). Yes, we are craZ-y. But we feel a call to move on and we do much better when we can just work fast and furious and get it done. We've had a lot of spiritual experiences confirming this is what we are suppose to do. It's been amazing!

So how do you go from 2400 sq feet to 760 sq feet? The Lord has prepared me already though because the last 6 months I have dejunked and dejunked and dejunked. In fact I had spent all of Monday (before I even had a clue we'd sold our house) getting rid of more stuff. Yes, we will put some in storage, but I am tired of having excess. Excess in food is good and other necessities, but not in stuff. I feel that I have taken too much of my allotment from the world and I must now give it all back. We are minimizing around here. Every drawer and box will be gone through. We are not moving anything extra. Period. The End. I'm not packing it around.

One blessing of not having our TV idols is that we don't to fit our furniture around them.  It's so nice to have them not apart of this.

So I have my list, pile whatever of what I'm taking. (The rest being put in storage: extra beds, furniture, desks, bookshelves, etc). I feel like the pioneers loading up their handcarts or wagons. I have packed the essentials only to find out that I am still very much over the weight requirements. Gasp! Now what? Do you dump the piano, the 72 hour kits or the food storage? Yeah, wish me luck. We are debating on whether to have the piano or a second couch in the living room. We'll store either one we don't use, but mmm? Not having to deal with piano for a year does sound a little appealing?

We will not have a printer, dishwasher or a microwave.  We are contemplating a land line still?  I've wanted to live without some of these things anyway; to see how we did with out them.  Guess I'm getting my wish.  I'll share more of the joy later. : )


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Oh my, next to the house that I grew up in...that is the cutest little house that I have ever seen! lucky you! Sounds like quite a wonderful adventure! Good luck!

Angela said...


crazy4boys said...

I've lived without dishwashers and microwaves before and it's great! Best of luck fitting everything in. And packing. I hate that part. We do it every year or so. I'm glad to finally be getting rid of "stuff". The next move should be easier.

Mrs.Smith said...

Holy minimizing! Lara will be so happy for you. ;) I'm pretty sure that's her dream home right there. Good luck with everything!

Cassandra said...

The house is so cute! I'm excited for you, that you guys get to move forward with your dreams. :)

My husband's and my first apartment was only 550 square feet. It's small, but I can't imagine doing it with kids!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Fun! Really! We lived in an 800 sq ft house for 6 years - with four kids all under the age of 5 (that was for the last 1 1/2 years). It was so nice because 1) It was easy to clean and keep clean 2)it was cozy 3) as you've found, not as much stuff!

Keep the piano! People can sit on the bench, just like a couch but they can't play a couch. ☺

Just Lara said...

Congratulations on selling your house!!

I'm feeling very picked on here. How come everyone else gets to do what I want to do?? Maybe if you blog all about it I can live through your experience.

The house looks a little roomy but what a steal of a deal! I would say you need a piano more than a couch but I don't know. (Our kids sit on the wood floor.) If you want a break from the piano that might be a good way to get one.

All your dejunking is such a great testimony to do whatever you feel inspired to do, no questions asked, because the Lord always knows what he has in store for us. We're still waiting to find out what his plans are for us. I hope we don't have to wait another six years but we'll do it if we have to.

Jennifer said...

Awesome! How great that you get to make that next step, and that you have been prepared for it! I say, keep the piano.

Mr. Smith said...

Fun. Good luck!

Keep the piano. A piano - or more specifically, the music, moments, and memories it creates - are of more value in your kids' inheritance than any couch (assuming it's an upright... definitely should be an upright with 760 sq ft).

A couch provides nothing that the floor or any other horizontal surface doesn't already provide.

Kassie said...

Wow, what an adventure you are going to have. I'm almost envious. I moved last year into the home I grew up in and it is larger than what I left. I have way too much stuff and I'm already sick of cleaning it!
Our first home(condo) was 765 sq ft. Those were the good old days!! Enjoy! (your vacation and your new home)

crazy4boys said...

What else have you gotten rid of? I thought you were down to the basics already!

Marmee said...

We lived in 750 sq. ft. with 4 children for two years. It was the best two years of our lives and I long to go back to it!

We also have plans to buy a house with land in a town near our current location, but are worried about the implications of the new inheritance tax. How are you planning ahead to get around the new law?