Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random Pictures

Some pictures haven been removed from this post.

I never post pictures because I'm lazy. Or because it's just one more thing to do. Here's a couple just because. I'll delete a couple of them in a day or two.

We saw 6 old mining wagons pulled by 10 head (20 all together) mules at our last campaign parade.  It was quite a sight!

The summer billboard.  It's back to a political one again.  We had to take one for the team this year by being on it.  Agghh. Liberty says it just was never a goal of hears to be on a billboard.**Picture Removed.

Leader's 4-H Cloverbud award. **Picture Removed.

After the piano recital.

Boys on their way with me to a baptism. We only have them wear their suits to church on Sunday.  That was the night I saw all of you in SLC.

Doing some nature study.  We had our sketchbooks to draw on our walk by the river.

Another river picture with Hank the dog.


Just Lara said...

Fun, fun! I can't say that I would be happy about my face on a bill board either but I guess that's what you get for being famous.

Karen said...

I love the pictures - and the billboard is great! I would for sure vote for him if I lived in your state :-) I love the nature study pictures. We're trying to do more of that - my initial goal was to be in nature "every day that it was possible", but since we didn't go very often with that goal - we now plan on every Wednesday. Maybe we'll make it out more than that, but to have a set date for it will make it more likely that we'll at least get out!

Judi said...

So nice to "meet" your family in photos! I love Idaho! I attended "Ricks" and I always wanted to marry an Idaho farm boy but I got an Arkansas farm boy instead! :) I have always wanted to return to Idaho! The people I know from Idaho are just really neat - and I'm adding you and your family to that list!!!

Congrats on selling your home! Ours is for sale too with hopes to downsize! I hope ours doesn't take six years though!

Fernandez Family said...

I say keep the couch and I'll babysit the piano for you!!