Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Faith to Go, Do, and Say

Yes, I might just loose it. Today is not a good day. Of course I immediately recognize that that simply means that I'm not exercising my faith. Slow down, take a deep breath....just breathe.....

I can't control everything.....

If I am to trust God I need to trust Christ.  I must lay it on the alter and say, "Here Lord take my burdens, for your way is easy and your way is light." It's hard though.

The meanness comes out in people when it comes to politics.
We aren't mean people so it hurts.
Why can't we all be honest?
Why can't we all be nice to each other?

Oh yeah, we live in a telestial world. A world full of fallen men/women who are going after the lusts of their hearts.

Christ says do hard things. Make the world better. Follow the Spirit. Trust. Faith. Believe. Obey.

My house is full of piles and boxes. I don't like disorder. I don't like stress. I don't like piles.

My kids have gone crazy since disorder hit. Jumping, playing, chaos.

"Please sit still and focus on your math assignment."

Breathe, trust, believe....

I have to move out in 10 days. I don't have enough boxes.

I don't have enough mental ability to do this on my own.

That's the point. It's called submission. It's called mortal experience. What are you going to do? Submit or crack?

So many things to do today. I choose to finish my visiting teaching.

Besides faith I need to count my many blessing right?

The best husband ever (even if he is destined for political office at some point).
Children who usually do math when I ask them too.
Family and friends who I know would help me if they could.
I love my dog. He loves me.
America. Freedom.
Gospel. Temple. Holy Ghost. Scriptures. Prophet.

I will choose to rise about the sarcasm. I will not be mean back. I will forgive. I will pray. I will trust in God. I will not wallow in self-pity anymore. I will "work as if everything depends on me and pray as if everything depends on God." (Brigham Young)


Misty said...

Sending many prayers your way!!

Kestrel said...

I'm sorry people are being lame. I would come help you pack if I could, but I think I am too far away and my two year old would probably help UNpack which you don't really need...sigh.

Deanna Householder said...

It is a tough season you are passing through, but hopefully will be brief. :) Anytime my life is completely disorganized (space/thought/emotion) it disrupts my peace and power. May you be sustained through all the imminent changes! :)

Christy said...

I wish I could come and help you somehow. I even have empty boxes you could have!

I know you like order, but maybe just having your children help with the move and not worrying about school would be helpful. My children did very little school during our move. They do stuff year round, so it didn't worry me.

I'm sorry to hear about the mean people. Sometimes it gets really hard to turn the other cheek, doesn't it? You are in my prayers!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

You have touched my heart. I feel much the same way you do right now, only for different reasons. I feel uplifted after reading this post...there is much to be thankful for.

Keeping you in my prayers.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

This reminds me of the Willard and Rebecca Bean story. Have you heard of them?

I listened to the Legacy episodeLegacy episode from the Mormon Channel while walking on Monday. In the closing remarks their grandson Rand Packer said something to the effect that their story was one of love. They went to Palmyra where they were hated and mistreated. But the Beans refused to hate back, refused to be mean and just showed love. They clung to each other and the gospel and made it through.

You will too!

{{sending hugs}}

The Lazy Organizer said...

Just imagine if all us blog readers could get together and help! You'd be packed up and the houses would be clean in no time.

I have to tell everyone this. The meat department has the best boxes for packing. They are clean, have handles and are the perfect size for many things. I had to call ahead to have them save them for me.

Carry on in faith. You can do this! You might just have to give up a few things. Like math.

Mrs.Smith said...

Like Misty, I'm sending prayers your way. It's hard to deal with so many things all happening at once. Smart of you to write things out, though. It always helps me to see it in black and white, even if my brain can't accept it being that simple.

GOOD LUCK! I wish you happy, hard-working children, neighbors who notice you need help, and visiting teachers who rise to the occasion.

Rebecca said...

I am so thankful for good decent people who are willing to stand through the fiery furnaces for truth and right. I'm so grateful to think that there are those willing to wade through the muck of politics in hopes of doing something good.

Thank you for your sacrifice and your goodness.

crazy4boys said...

So many wise comments have already been said. You are in my prayers. I'm the Queen of Moving - I wish I could help.

Being A Mother Who Knows said...

Who knew I was so loved? You ladies are so kind. What would I do with out you?

I won't write anymore whinny posts. Sorry about that.

I finished the day with some excellant highlights. I talked to a wonderful friend. That was very uplifting. My visiting teacher came over and cheered me on. She's terrific. I open up in real life to next to no one, but I feel really comfortable around her. I was also able to finish the day in the temple.

Sigh. So wonderful.

I have decided to at least dump the piano lessons for a while. I'll probably drop math for a few days next week when it gets even uglier.

Thanks for the cheers, hugs, and wishes.

Ranee said...

Your words of love and faith have continued to buoy me up! I admire your desire to turn to your faith in the face of adversity, change and stressful situations! You are such a great example to me! What an honor and a blessing the blogging world is! I get to offer my faith and prayers in your behalf...someone who I never met in person! Hugs and blessings to you! May you find rest in the arms of our Heavenly Father, as He helps you to carry through and carry on! :0)

crazy4boys said...

How about having the kids count boxes for math? Figure out the area? Multiply how many pieces of tape they'll need if each box needs 3 pieces of tape and you have X amount of boxes?

Okay, not really. When we're packing/moving we usually stop school and I just concentrate on getting it done. We do still try to have scripture study and I take time out to read to the littler kids every few hours.

I'm glad the day finished well. And I hope all your days have happy endings too!

mama of many said...

Thanks for sharing a great mental process! I would not call you whinny, just real. This post was powerful for me!! You are a great and amazing and order will return soon!