Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Alive

Quick update: I'm alive and well!  We are moved and settled in.  Life is truly wonderful.  We feel so blessed.  I have had so many thoughts that I have wanted to pass along. However....

Due to unusual circumstances we have not been able to acquire internet access and it doesn't look like we will either.  We could get satellite internet, but have chosen not to.  So for the time being it looks like I will be off-line.  Thanks to Joyful Saint for letting me post this from her house. : )

Here is what I would love to talk to you about:
  • Making your house a home
  • Joys of washing dishes by hand
  • Science Charlotte Mason style
  • Review all the conference talks and my a-ha's
  • The Art of Lying among LDS youth (perhaps Misfit will write that for me)
  • Campaign updates-defending the Constitution
  • All the a-ha's from our inspiring trip that I didn't write
Those are a couple that come to mind.  They may never be realized. Sigh...

I want to catch up on reading everyones posts.  I'm two weeks behind. Ughh!

The Great Debate/Discussion is going on without me!  I have had extreme withdrawals.  However, I have found that our house has become more holy since we pulled all the plugs.... 

I most go, but cheerio for now.  I am thinking of you. : )

P.S.  I received a lovely letter via the pony express from Mrs. Smith.  It made my day.  I have since set the goal of rediscovering this lost art.  I have written several of you letters, I just need addresses now.  So if you would like snail mail from me please send me your mailing address via my email address.  I'll have to figure out how to get my emails then though huh?  I'll check them on my husband's phone.

Keep up the discussion I'm with you in spirit.


crazy4boys said...

I'm so glad that you are alive! And moved in. I do need your new address so they boys can send their pen-pal letters. Hope all continues to go well. We're sending prayers your way. And I miss you!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Glad to know you are all moved in! I've missed reading your thoughts but shall endeavor to be patient. :D

The lost art of handwritten letters is a good thing to start up!

Ranee said...

I love that life is about seasons! Hugs and Blessings to you and yours as you enter a season of rest that comes from unplugging! May I just say that you have inspired me and caused me to question the status quo and helped me to see new insights that are invaluable to me! My email is, if you ever send out any words of wisdom (by email or snail mail, or what have you...I would love to be inspired by them!)

Peace and Love to your wonderful family!

Ranee and Pete Hansen and the kiddo's

Cassandra said...

Glad to hear you're safe and moved in. :) Enjoy this time without the distractions of the internet!

All of my favorite bloggers are unplugging from the internet! First Lara and now you... :)

Kassie said...

I too will miss your thoughts a great deal. I have learned so much from you, Lara, Misfit Cygnet and others. I guess I will just have to learn to listen to and rely on the Lord to guide me instead of thinking all the answers on on the internet. LOL! Best wishes to you and your family. Hope you can check in occasionally.

Just Lara said...

I'm happy to hear that you are settling into your new home and surviving such a stressful time. At least we all got to know each other a little before we disconnected from the internet.

I want to hear more about your minimalist traveling and living of course. Did you choose the piano or the couch?

Karen said...

I'm sad I don't get to hear all your thoughts and aha moments! I'm glad you're settled and that everything is working out. I'll send you my address just in case you want to send me some words of wisdom and I would love to hear all about your simpler life and how things are going.

Kestrel said...

I never thought I could unplug from the Internet, but the last few days I have felt like in 50 years or so.

I hope you can update at least once in a while. I would really like to hear about making your house a home especially! And the art of lying thing you mentioned sounds intriguing. I know as an LDS youth I was awesome at lying (really, it's the truth!). Shh, don't tell anyone.

Celeste B. said...

Yeah! I'm glad you got moved in.

I've been considering pulling MORE plugs. We have been without TV service for 18 months, although, we do watch a few things via Internet (a chosen few). We do not have regular phone service and our Internet is the only thing we actually "buy" monthly. The only game system now is a Wii that is used for family games and even then only for a short time. My life is more blissful...yet I'm still feeling the need to cut back. Facebook and Blogging come to mind...but the Internet is home to my only friends right now. :(

Mrs.Smith said...

I know how you feel, Celeste... I need to get off facebook too. :) I've been cutting back slowly and it appears to be working for me that way. Cold-turkey works while I'm off, but if I go back again I'm sucked back into it for too long. Blah.

But Deanna, I'm glad you can take a few moments here and there to post your thoughts, even if you have to go somewhere else to do it. This next year will go by quickly (in hindsight anyway), and who knows? Maybe by then you won't even *want* internet access in your home! :)

You'll probably know via snailmail before you ever see this comment, but thanks for writing me back! I didn't expect it, and it's quite a lovely little sparkle of joy in my life to have a real pen pal again!