Thursday, March 17, 2011

Holy Experiences

Mr. Patriot and I decided long ago that we would work and sacrifice to provide experiences for our children. We have been faithful to that goal. Over the years our quest for experiences has been changed a little though. We now seek holy experiences.

  The Sacred Grove 2011
We just returned home from two weeks filled with experiences. We were able to dejunk, paint and fix up grandma's house in the east. What a trip. We worked hard and had much fruit to show for our labors. I think our children came away with some valuable experiences and a new appreciation about things in life.

Palmyra Temple Baptism Trip 2011

We were also able to revisit the Sacred Grove and serve in the Palmyra Temple by doing baptisms. At grandma's house we taped maple trees and made homemade maple syrup. We reflected on the greatness of the patriots in the Revolutionary War as we walked the grounds of Valley Forge. We visited with family and strengthened relationships.

Taping trees at grandma's

Through our many travels we have had some holy experiences. Some of our holy experiences have included seeing the flag that hung over Fort McHenry in the War of 1812 on display at the American History Smithsonian; kneeling as a family at Adam-ondi-ahman and offering up a sacred prayer; standing in Carthage Jail and feeling the Spirit testify of Joseph Smith; and walking through Independence Hall and thinking about a new nation being born.

Valley Forge 2011

We don't have to fly across the country to have holy experiences though. We've had holy experiences around a campfire telling family history stories; receiving Father's Blessings; doing Baptisms for the Dead; singing hymns together on the way to a friend's home; and reading great books like "The Hiding Place" together.
Valley Forge 2011

Sacred experiences are available to us every day. Today we had a sacred experience during family scripture study as we read about Mormon being a sober child that was quick to observe. We noted how this young fifteen year old was able to be visited and taste and know the goodness of Jesus Christ. We talked about where we were at. Are we sober? Are we quick to observe?

When we seek truth the Spirit will teach us. When we seek holy experiences we will have them.


crazy4boys said...

Sounds like you had some wonderful times! But why do your trips never include Texas?

We just had a fun experience talking about the Nephites being separated from the Jews, then the Nephites from the Lamanites. I asked the boys "If you had a group of people named after you, what would you want them to be like? What rules would you want them to follow?" It was amazing to hear some of their answers and helped me to better understand them and what they felt was important.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Ah, you were in my neck of the woods then! Sounds like you had an awesome trip!

Ranee said...

How wonderful! My eyes filled with tears as I read about your going to Carthage Jail! How I love Joseph and Emma Smith. I've been privileged to read about them again recently! :0) I hope that our family will someday get to go on a church history tour! My husband would be a great tour guide since he served his mission in Illinois! :0)