Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Joseph Smith as Scientist

Joseph Smith as Scientist: A Contribution to Mormon Philosophy by John A. Widtsoe is a great read to consider in your family. Elder Widtsoe discusses the basic principles of science and then quotes Joseph Smith and his teachings. Some of the subjects treated include: matter, energy, ether, astronomy, geological record, the sixth sense and evolution. This book will challenge you, but it will also increase your comprehension of what God has done for us.

I found the subject matter informative and very helpful.  I think it would be an important book for scholar youth.  It proves again that the scriptures truly do contain all subject matter and we can find ultimate truth by searching the scriptures. Elder Widtsoe points out that these teachings found in the scriptures from Joseph Smith were not known or accepted scientific laws at the time. It was only later that science came to "discover" them. The reader is also left with convincing "proof" in a temporal standpoint that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet.

The original chapters in the book appeared in installments in the Improvement Era in 1903-1904. In 1908 Elder Widtsoe had it published after a committee appointed by the First Presidency read the manuscript. That committee was Elders George Albert Smith, Edward H. Anderson and Joseph F. Smith, Jr. The point being that you can't get more official and authentic than The Improvement Era and approval from two future prophets.

In reading this book I felt that I was furthering my garnering of information about the History of Relief Society. This information was known and published among the Saints. With the revival of studying not only the History of the Relief Society but also the History of the Church I think we will gain some essential information needed to raise our children and to prepare for the Second Coming.

This book is available from Archive Publishers. The address is 754 East 50 North, Heber City, UT 84032. The phone number is 435.654.0824. The website listed is .

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This is just the kind of thing my Husband enjoys reading. I already ordered it and he will receive it for his Birthday.

Thanks for the suggestion!