Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sister Beck and Women's Conference

I just had the opportunity to read Sister Beck's wonderful address at BYU Women's Conference last year.  She spoke on many things that have been close to my heart the last little while and she says it so much better than I do!

She spoke on her quote that I love, "When our priorities are out of order we loose power over our life."  She shares many great ways to help us keep our priorities in line while we live on earth.  She asked repeatedly throughout her talk, "Why are we here?" and "What is our mission?"

I read this talk to my husband just now as well.  We were able to discuss some great things.  I stated, "We as women are always so depressed and confused.  The simple answer is to get our priorities in order."  He responded, "Yes, women do, but it sure would help if the men and families also got their priorities in order as well."  I am grateful for a good husband who recognizes that men also must get their priorities in order.  The battle to recognize Satan's lies and deception is a battle that men and women face alike; together though, as a husband and wife unified we will be much more successful in casting Satan out of our hearts and homes.

Here is the link to the post I wrote a couple of weeks ago that goes along with her message.

Please take the time to read Sister Beck's important message.  The transcript of her article is found here.

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Ranee said...

How I LOVE this season of my life right now! I have felt ever mindful of priorities in my life lately! We have made changes where changes were needed, and are still in the process of making those changes. I am grateful for the personal revelation available to all of us who seek to know the will of the Lord for ourselves and our families. I am grateful to have a full understanding and testimony that I CAN take the principles of Leadership Education, and put them to work in my own, unique way, for our family! I am going to go read that talk now! It sounds fabulous! :0)