Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some thoughts from yesterday....

I thought I would share how wonderful it is to have a schedule again. Our annual break ended up being eight weeks instead of six, which I think was too long. I am not sure what we'll do next year. The kids were more than happy to get up yesterday and start the day off with our "real schedule"again. Our schedule is much the same as it was before our annual break started. We only added skills classes to our free time option. These are planned in advance and I only plan on doing one a day, we'll see. We also switched up piano practicing schedule. Liberty practices in the morning before breakfast still. I am also practicing in the morning now before breakfast. The boys take turns practicing during family work time. That really works out a lot better.

I guess I also added journal time to our early morning routine. I've been amazed how much they enjoy that. Before we started back into our schedule the boys have been writing in their journal a couple of times a week on their own for the last month or so.

I'm also determined to do a better job about having family time at the end of the day. That was one part of our schedule that I didn't do as well with this past winter/spring.

I also want to say that I have been getting up at 5 AM just like I made a goal too.  I had stopped during our Annual break.  I am much more ambitious when I get up early.  Please remember though that I am not pregnant, my baby is eight, I have no health problems and my husband gets up with the dog.  That all means that I sleep well at night and have not excuse to not get up early and obey the commandment to do so.

The kids did really well at trying to be efficient.  They also went to bed much more quickly because they were so tired. : )  Leader even feel asleep during FHE.  I love it when my children our tired at night.  I feel like I did something right then!


Anonymous said...

I'm pregnant but have been getting up at 4 a.m. the past few weeks. The only way I can do this is to be in bed between 8-9 at night. I've found those early morning hours are much more productive than my late night hours. It was a tough transition because I "want" to be up at night even though I "need" to be in bed so that I can get up early.

My kids are early risers with the first one (age 8) up by 6. That's why I MUST do it this way.

Mrs.Smith said...

I had a little window a while ago where I was getting up an hour+ before my early-risers. It was heaven. Quiet, peaceful, easy to think and read and DO pretty much anything I needed or wanted to do. I loved it. Someday I'll do it again. Keep up the reminders that it's totally worth it!