Friday, August 20, 2010

Question: How often do you use your binders?

Question: After you have set your goals and collected things you may need for that, do you review/use your binders frequently? Is it something you pull out daily and go over with the kids or less frequently? Is it more of a checklist that you mark off when a certain goal is accomplished or is it more guidelines that just keep you on track?

Answer:  I think everyone uses their binders and compasses differently. Our binder is a collection of several things.  It includes our compass, which is our 6 month goals. Our binder also includes our skills lists that we are working on.  Right now my children have a cooking and a cleaning skills list in their binder. The binder also contains special papers, things they are memorizing, and any thing else they want.

 In our home we keep our binder in our "library room" on a shelf.  Every Monday morning we set new goals for the week during our scripture study.  We all encourage each other to set short term goals that will help us reach our long goals in our compass.  Each day we review these goals.  We look at our compass goals every week or two to remind us what is on there.  Some of us do check off our goals when we accomplish them.  Other's like just reviewing them and know where they are at.

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Celeste B. said...

Thanks for linking to my post!

We use our binders every day for the student planner. I have my scholars review their Compass at our weekly "Mentor Meetings". I'm going to write a post about that soon.